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Maria Wilson

Holistic Therapies
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Remote Animal Healing

Distance BodyTalk sessions with Maria transformed the energy and dynamic in our home.


For several years, we had been worried about the behaviour of our gorgeous 12 year old cats – a ginger tom and his tabby sister.  After we went from being a four cat household to just the two of them, they fought constantly and he regularly sprayed and she occasionally peed. Everywhere. This was very upsetting for us. We tried everything to sort this. We were close to considering rehoming them, which would have been very hard as we are so fond of them.


But after we had one face time session with Maria in September last year there was an immediate change in their behaviours and mood within 24 hours. It was astonishing! He stopped spraying instantly, and she didn’t pee. We eventually needed a couple more ‘top up’ sessions - one of these of these was on face time, and for the other, Maria sent through a recording of the distant session which was really useful. Maria’s clear account of the session made perfect sense. We had asked for this  particular session because the cats were tormenting each other constantly again. Maria clearly hit the nail on the head, because again within 24 hours the cats were much more relaxed, and more playful with each other! Peace in the Flat!


So, no more messes or thoughts of rehoming, thanks to Maria.


Maria is clearly an incredibly gifted BodyTalk Practitioner. She was recommended by a trusted friend, and I can’t speak highly enough of the impact of her distance BodyTalk work on the energy and dynamic of our household.  I would have no hesitation in consulting Maria again, whether for the cats or for any personal issues and I would certainly recommend Maria to anyone who wanted to experience the impact of BodytTalk.


Lis.   North London
Feb. 2018






































Maria Wilson
Holistic Therapies

The BodyTalk System, Rahanni Practitioner
Reiki Master,  Advanced Reflexologist
Animal Healer/Communicator


From April 2018 I am touring!


Leaving Surrey where I have lived for nearly 30 years, I am going to be touring the UK and Europe alongside my husband Martyn and our sons, Luke and Aaron, who have lead roles in the theatre show "Walk Right Back - The Everly Brothers Story".  Between tours I will be living between my home in Spain and our motorhome in the UK.  If you want to know more and follow us we have a Facebook page "Living 2 the Max".    Like us and I promise we will keep you entertained.


From April 2018 I will be available to my clients on a remote healing basis. 
 This means I will be able to do sessions for them from a distance.

For more information on this click the Remote Healing link above.



Balance for Health

Optimum Performance

Animal Healthcare



horse face

Balance for Life

For Work and Play

Animal Behaviour



How are your energy levels?

Do you suffer with aches and pains?

Is your immune system struggling?

Is everyday life just too much to handle?




What are you experiencing?

Everyday life stresses lead to a breakdown in the levels of communication within your body and mind, compromising your health and ability to function in life. Understanding these processes helps us realise how we stress ourselves on every level, almost all the time. Not just through work, but our relationships, money and everyday dealings.


Raising your awareness brings about radical changes on all levels
- mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Start waking up to what is really going on under your skin - the answers are already there; we just need to listen. That's where I come in. With the mix of therapies I offer, observing what is going on within you has never been simpler.















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